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In short
Assessments provide effective insight into issues related to recruitment & selection, coaching, reorganization, talent development, leadership development or collaboration issues.

W & M psychologists offer various solutions from valid and reliable online assessments to customized assessments including working with an actor and guidance by an experienced psychologist. Selection or development assessments/centers on location, for a single specific job or large numbers of candidates (eg recruitment of talent pools) are among the possibilities.

We will respond appropriately to each question, but always from a positive, development- and solution-oriented perspective. In addition, independent, reliable advice is provided that offers security and trust. Confidentiality guaranteed.

What W&M psychologists deploy assessment for

Assessment within the 3 W&M pillars (process).

What is an assessment
The word assessment literally means balance; control of knowledge; consideration; appreciation; determination.

W & M psychologists sees an assessment as a critical consideration which includes psychometric tests that give candidates and possibly the organization insight into the abilities and talents of a person. It is a personal assessment that we enter jointly. If desired, it can seamlessly be connected into training, career counselling, coaching, etc. We are happy to provide tailor-made solutions.

Test procedure en instrumentarium
The composition of an assessment depends on the question but usually consists of the following components;
- Personal or telephone intake organization
- Personal or telephone intake candidate (option: skype, etc for foreign candidates)
- (Online) assessment consisting of personality, motivation, capacities (read: intelligence) tests. Additional test parts are possible and depend on the question
- Specific (group) skills tests and work simulations (read: role play with actor/actress)
- One or more interviews with the psychologist (option: skype, etc for foreign candidates)
- Report including development advice
- Feedback to the organization (possibly together with the candidate)
- Additional options are 360 degrees feedback, SJT’s (Situational Judgement Tests) & gaming

A candidate is guided and prepared for the assessment during the intake interview. In addition, the candidate is given the opportunity to practice (online).

Before contacting the candidate, the assessment profile is set up taking in account the greatest possible objectivity, validity and reliability. We have a well-developed profile database and continue to further improve. The function & competence profile set up is done in co-creation with the client organization.

W & M psychologists uses advanced (scientifically substantiated) test instruments through various suppliers. We are certified for multiple test materials because we want to guarantee quality and guarantee independence by matching the right materials with each client. In addition, we stay up-to-date on the latest facets in ‘assessment land’.

W & M psychologists also has an extensive international experience in providing assessments.

We houden ons ten alle tijden aan de beroepscode van het NIP (Nederlands Instituut voor Psychologen- link) met betrekking tot assessment. Kwaliteit, eerlijkheid en respect/betrouwbaarheid is belangrijk voor W&M psychologen.

We adhere at all times to the professional code of the NIP organization (Dutch Institute for Psychologists) with regard to assessment. Quality, honesty, respect and reliability is important for W & M psychologists. Additionally, there is the possibility for organizations to use our Analyse branch. This means that high-quality analyses can be performed on multiple assessment results to assure anonymity and more importantly gives the organization clear gained insight into points of attention for the entire organization, department or group for the coming period.

Interest and tariff
In case of interest, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll ask a few questions and preferably arrange to meet, in order to get the appropriate quotation or tariff issued as quickly and accurately as possible.

After the assessment
W & M offers psychologists advice and support for follow up development steps. In case of the need for expertise outside our line of work, we will refer you to a suitable partner.

* Capacity tests (IQ tests) include f.i.: Logic reasoning (figure series, syllogisms), Numerical reasoning (series of numbers), Linguistic reasoning (verbal analogies, diagrams), Numerical insight, Language skills, Calculation skills and Spatial insight.



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