Topics, expertise areas, interests, etc… many names for explaining the areas of which we contain considerably knowledge. We share happily with you to support your process of solving challenges. We focus our knowledge on three pillars: analysis, development assessment and coaching. Related topics are; talent management, talent development (improvement), career development, self-managing teams, organizational development and/or change / HR projects. One subject typically doesn’t exclude the other. Together we make a first attempt to “disentangle” and / or map the connections at our first encounter.

development assessment

Qualitative (online) assessment based on the latest insights and methods. Package selection and customization.

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Coaching from different methods and guidance forms for optimal insight into positive behavioral (change) possibilities. Compact process with desired additions.

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Advice for (HR) mngt on People related topics, organization research, concrete solutions and training and information packages. To discuss all kinds of possibilities.

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Positive Psychology and Appreciative Inquiry form our theoretical foundation. We determine our clients’ (individual / organizations) strengths. From their strengths and pride, we work towards concrete solutions. The road can be erratic, but we seek & focus on those meaningful ‘light bulbs’ to see new perspectives through which the individual and organization find happiness in a broad sense. Our motto: Add value and purposeful meaning.

about us

W&M Psychologists consists of a team of certified psychologists, coaches, actors (organization) advisors, physiotherapists and drama/music teachers with their own experience and knowledge area. Based on need, skills, experience and working area, we arrange the best possible connection between a W & M professional and the organization/candidate.

Mieke van Lierop - On behalf of Team W&M Psychologists



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